Hello, I'm Lewis Lucarda and you can email me at lucardawiz@gmail.com if you want to talk to me directly. :-)
One of these days I'll figure out how to use HTML and CSS properly and I can make this page look very swagalicious. That day is not today! By the way, read this on desktop...

Welcome, humble traveler, to my page!

5 days until Vilnius - 01/19/2023
Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry for forgetting to update you all again (not like anybody reads this) - I was busy with my term paper and preparing for the semester abroad. Luckily, my stipend money arrived already, so I'm safe and survivable for now. A lot is going on, I'm not sure where to start... There's this girl I like who I'm hoping to see again after I return from Lithuania, I am going to do something fun with O. tomorrow, I have to pack my things, I have to find a caretaker for my cat Fifi, I need to finish my term paper ASAP (but I already asked for a deadline extension!), etc. Oh well, let's see how it all goes after Tuesday when I leave! SOOO EXCITED!!!!

I forgot about this site... - 12/27/2022
Hi, hey, hello! Welcome back! I forgot to update this little journal in a while (same with my private Notion one...) but what happened over the last weeks:

That's it, pretty much. I'm sooo nervous about Lithuania... wait, have I talked about it here before? I don't think so, so let me sum it up: I'm doing a semester abroad there! So six months in a foreign country with no people I know... I'll be in Vilnius, hehe. I will be taking a beginner's Lithuanian class there, but I probably will suck at it, though who knows... I HOPE I CAN MAKE FRIENDS THERE! PRAYING!!!

First exam done - 12/12/2022
The first exam (oral exam in Fictions of War) went... badly to be honest but I still passed, so it's okay. Yesterday I was at Orquidia's and I stayed over, it was very fun!

Class has been cancelled! - 12/06/2022
I went to the Christmas market yesterday and had a lot of fun despite my shoes hurting my feet sooo much. The chicken fricassee I cooked turned out well, too! I'm going to study a bit today because exams are coming up next week, aahhhh! Also here is a very nice video I found just now:

Last week of class - 12/05/2022
This is it, this is the last week of class right before the exams come up. I am not ready! Not ready at all! Panicking even! But I am going to the Christmas market with C. and A. today, I'll just relax a bit for now... I need to cook tonight too but I have to get groceries first; after the market trip.

Hello again - 12/03/2022
Forgive me for forgetting to log my entry for December. I was quite busy with studying the past days and doing pretty much nothing, but that's still important to balance out your day's activities! I am expecting parcels today and on Monday to Tuesday, I hope they come very soon. I bought a new iPad, which I am very excited for. You could call me a New Girl.

Today for sure - 11/30/2022
Today we will study together for the classes for sure. Starting at 3:15 PM! And tomorrow, presumably, the Spotify Wrapped of this year will be released - I am soooo excited! I have a banger music taste, so... Too bad it won't count all the musical songs I've been listening to, haha. Anyway, I'm still waiting for the login data from my host uni to get into an apartment... I think the single room has already been taken. :-(

The Final Sprint - 11/29/2022
It's the penultimate week of classes before the exam phase begins. C. ended up bailing on me for today but we will start studying together tomorrow, so it's alright. I also got into a Zuka community on Discord, which is very nice so far! I have the feeling that I'll get along well with everybody and also find some new shows to watch... Although I should probably neglect that for now and actually focus on my studies, aahhhh!

Lazy Monday? - 11/28/2022
I had to wake up really early today to return the sleep device. Last night I got into Takarazuka Revue and I am really in love with these performers and performances! I also tried to make Dampfnudeln last night but I didn't steam them well and they ended up a bit... raw? Anyway, I have been keeping up with replying to my BFF Hanna's emails and I am so excited to read her next email because I told her some stuff (that wasn't really groundbreaking by itself but you know) and that's all for now, I suppose. I should do the reading for my class perhaps... Let me quickly share a picture of Asaji Saki (playing Tod in Elisabeth)...

Isn't she just marvelous? *swoons*

Lazy Sunday - 11/27/2022
I'm not doing anything today... I tried to prepare a bit of my thesis paper and played some Pokemon Scarlet and watched some videos but well, that is it. I'm going to start studying with C. & Co. on Tuesday, yay!

New clothes and sleep device failure - 11/26/2022
I ordered two pants and a sweater from H&M the other day and they arrived this morning, they fit perfectly! Well, almost perfectly, because the pants are way too long so I have to shorten them somehow. Or I just fold them up, who knows... And I think I didn't really sleep last night because I was scared I was breaking the sleep device everytime I moved, HAHA! Also look at this little cutie that I found on Tumblr! -----------> <-----------

Sleep device - 11/25/2022
I got a sleep device because of my maybe-sleep disorder! I have to use it tonight on my body and I'm not quite sure if I remember it well but thankfully there is a guide of some sorts inside the case that I can read over again. Also, finals are coming up and I have to prepare by studying but I can't get myself to do so at all! Student life is so hard...

La Grande Ouverture - 11/24/2022
I am glad I was able to get over this hump and open a Neocities page finally. I will share my favorite things or most hated things on here in the future and I hope I can keep up with it at all, because I am not one for commitment to be quite honest.
Well, let's add something sassy to this site with two of my favorite paintings!

I call this one *dramatic drum roll* "Spiraling."
Here comes another!

This one's called "That's the way uh huh uh huh I like it uh huh uh huh" apparently. Both of these I painted last year in mid-late 2021.
Anyway, that's it for today! Thanks for reading, everyone. See you soon, hopefully.

Same day but a few hours later - it's me again! I wanted to dump more of my paintings here, like a little gallery... Simply right-click the image and press the I-key on your keyboard (or the button that says Open Image in New Tab), if you want to see the painting in its full glory (or at least filling your computer's screen). On your phone, it's very similar. You tap and hold the image for a while and then an option to Open Image in a New Tab should show up! Enjoy!